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Gartering II

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I believed I was a shawl lady. Not so. I’m a hooded vest lady!

This time I’m using 1 ply Sirritogv, garter stitch and multidirectional knitting to make another Gartering Hoodie for myself.

This is another experiment but this time I’ll try to document it as I go along.

I will start by casting on for the waistline (!) and knitting the bottom part sideways with curves at the front…

Cast on: 90 + 160 + 90 stitches
Place markers at center and 90 stitches from each side

Knit on the first 90 stitches only:
Work short rows to create a curve – knit 2 stitches less on every other row untill 6 stitches remain – then knit 1 stitch more on every other row untill 90 stitches.
At the same time make a border by knitting the following on every fourth row: knit 2, slip 1 knit 2 together.

(The markers are circular paper clips)


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