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So now I’m a hacker!

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This fascinated me, but as I did not want to knit it, and most definitely did not want to pay for a pattern printed on paper to be mailed across the Atlantic, I forgot about it. Until a dear friend began talking about. (How come they won’t send you a pdf? The best they could do was to refer to a German reseller, and including the postage the price for the pattern was !!!)

So I hacked it, made a sample and mailed (!) it to Eire…

Just for the record: I don’t mind paying for a pattern. I will not be distributing the hacked pattern. I did it for the fun of it and to please my friend.

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  1. And you most certainly managed!!! Thanks you darling!

  2. I love being able to figure out patterns without all the paperwork – I adore Pdfs
    Did it make your brain hurt like mine did till you got it done? 😉
    Lovely job.

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  4. Meget smuk mønster!!

    Hilsner, Tineke

  5. very pretty!
    coming from ravelry…
    same happened when i wanted to buy the “pretty as a peacock” pattern, they did not have a pdf file (WHAT???!!!@+#)
    it took me a month and a half to find an online store that was in europe, and i don’t like the printed stuff…

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