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Unintentional knitting

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I love knitting in public. I love the smiles, the chats, the new friends.

A couple of days ago I was sitting at a seaside cafe, just above the beach. Sunshine and cafe con leche evolved into kalimotxu and Bitter Kas (albeit w/o vodka). My companion practised Spanish by reading a book, a paper, taking notes, consulting his dictionary. I practised my non-existing Spanish by talking about my limegreen knitting.

I was planning to knit a phone cozy/holder. Really. I ended up with a green unmentionable thingy. Totally unintentional knitting! Do you think I should knit a couple of limegreen balls?

Aaaaanyway… I’m knitting another green thingy!

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  1. Love the colour of your thingy

  2. hahaha! Me too. Everything I pick up this summer seems to be green.

  3. Two things – I had no idea you were playing on this space 😉 It looks great.
    Secondly – that green thingy looks rude……..!!! :-0

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