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Las Palmas Knits

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I got to meet the group of knitters Las Palmas Knits.

Friday afternoon I met with the knitters at Palacio de las Lanas in Las Palmas. Lots and lots and lots of lovely colour coordinated yarn.

Palacio de las Lanas

Patricia, Birgit, Ana, Violeta, Pilar, Caesu with baby Sienna and I went shopping at the Palacio de las Lanas and then we went with Deborah from the shop to a bar where we had hot chocolate and churros. Knit Picks and Addi Clicks were compared, knitting projects worked on and a lot of talking went on…

Las Palmas Knits

Birgit treated us to a wonderful sushi dinner at Sushi Masa. Really good sushi, with Kirin and green tea. Really good company and lovely hosts.

I had such a wonderful evening – thank you so much all you lovely Las Palmas Knitters!!! Hugs to Pilar for introducing me and for arranging everything and to Birgit for the lovely dinner and the ride home.

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  1. Yes! We spent a great time and I hope we can repeat one day?? I didn t know the youtube movies with Eva and Hideo from Sushi Masa, thank you for finding it! abrazo muy fuerte, Birgit

  2. It really was a wonderfull evening. As I told you once, with this ladies you know when and how it starts, but not when it finish 🙂
    We should meet for coffee or something…

  3. I’m very happy of meeting you too.
    The chocolate was great in so wonderful company.
    I hope we’ll be able to have another one!
    Oh my God!!!! Did you find Hideo in youtube????
    Thank you very much!!!

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