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The Santa Brigida Bee

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Would you believe me when I tell you I had a lovely day in the company of 5 women speaking a language I don’t understand AND seaming, seaming, seaming? I who excell in seamless knitting?

Well I did! Thank you so much to the lovely ladies for letting me come to their Great Canarian Afghan Bee.

Bonus: links to Grafting on the needles and I Knit London.

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  1. dont care lisa, I also dont have the concentration to listen to the spanish during long time. But it is great to work together on one piece, this is what I really enjoyed. thank you very much for helping us and maybe, who knows, hasta pronto! PS: I already put the I knit London-shop in my journey-preparations, thank you!!! abrazo fuerte!

  2. I too enjoyed working with you on this special project. Next year I will try to understand a bit more. And maybe, Hasta pronto!
    abrazo fuerte

  3. Were YOU seaming?

    I have left you an award on my blog.

  4. @Irene, thank you ever so much! I’m honoured and I’ll pay it forward.

  5. Thanks to you lady we finished the job. Thank you for making such dull work as seaming something enjoyable 🙂

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