Getting organised. Or should I say: Staying organised?

I try hard, I try very hard to stay organised.

Boxes. Photo by Lisa Risager

The Problem
I hate being told what to do and when to do it. I hate clutter.
I also procrastinate. And I collect.

Web Apps or Paper & Pen?
I love webapps – Tadalist, Remember The Milk, Fogbugz, Delicious, Flickr, 23, Tumblr, Posterous.
I also love writing lists in gorgeous notebooks.
A stack of notebooks. Photo by Lisa Risager

Getting Organised
I love decluttering and organising. Categorising and tagging. Boxing stuff. I can spend weeks getting organised.

Avoiding the Subject
As I said before I hate being told what to do. Even if it is a web app kindly reminding me to… Have you ever decluttered your entire bedroom because your self-created todo-list told you to go buy a present for your friend’s birthday? I have!

The cycle then reaches the point where I realise that I’ve started ignoring the To-Do-List Web App Of The Month and as a result getting absolutely nothing done. I then start organising my kitchen cupboards even though the problem is the clutter on my desk.

Starting Over
I hate clutter. I can’t work when my desk, my mind, my computer, my life is cluttered. So I try out new solutions. Spend weeks putting everything into a new fancy system. In short, procrastinating instead of getting things done.

A Solution?
I think I’ve finally found what works for me.

  • To Do List: Teux Deux. It’s so very simple, but does excactly what I want it to do. Looks pretty too.
  • Memory & Links: Evernote. After loading links to Delicious for years but never being able to find them again I really enjoy Evernote because saving pictures with links makes it much easier for me to use.
  • Email, To Do List & Archive: Gmail with Labs features (Flickr preview, Multiple Inboxes, Superstars, Send & Archive)
  • Memory, Planning, Brainstorming: Mind42. I make lots of mind maps.
  • Using my pretty coloured pencils and my lovely notebooks.
  • Documenting cool stuff with my camera.

And finally: Just doing it.

PS – P52 is what helped me write this post!

2 thoughts on “Getting organised. Or should I say: Staying organised?

  1. I can SO relate to all of that. Especially writing a list for yourself and then not wanting to do it all because its on the list…..
    Strange creatures we are!

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