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Geek Girl Meetup Copenhagen – Drupal Workshop

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Just a single photo to add to my good friend Karen’s summary of yesterday’s Geek Girl Meetup in Copenhagen. Go read it!

PS – I brought my knitting!

Me, wear a beanie? No…

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Yesterday the 4th Annual Blue Beanie Day came and went.

As I can’t wear hats or beanies without looking way too drab for my liking I had to find another solution:

a knitted blue beanie earring

2mm dpns and 16 stitches.




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I wasn’t planning on knitting yet another lace scarf but @kariebookish tweeted about her fabulous new shawl. What made me read the whole post and then realize that I too had to cast on for this lovely shawl was the lovely, lovely blue colour and the fact that she had overdyed the yarn with cake paste colouring!

Reasons why the Echo Flower Shawl is such a succes:

  • I learnt something new (nupps & 3into9)
  • The pattern is charted
  • The instructions are very well written
  • It’s pretty
  • It was a stashbuster
  • The bottom of the triangular scarf is not pointed so it gives the scarf a rounded finish

I knit very loosely
I knit the nupps extremely loosely
I substituted the garter border stitches with a 4-stitch icord. It’s prettier and it’s tighter so it gives the scarf a nice shape.

The pattern is free via Ravelry (if you’re a knitter and not a member of Ravelry do sign up now!)

Size before blocking:
Height: 48cm
Width: 78cm

Size after blocking:
Height: 78cm
Width: 112cm

I have not (yet) dyed the shawl.  Might do it, might not. The white colour is a nice contrast to all my black clothes.

Oh, and I named the scarf Echo-echo as this is actually the second attempt because I didn’t actually read all the very well written directions while knitting the first Echo and ended up with something more like a hood than a scarf.
Hoods happen…
So does unravelling.
But hey, I like knitting, so I just knitted it again!

All aSkew!

Mostly I prefer to knit without a pattern or to use a pattern as an inspiration, a starting point. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find patterns that are so uniquely wonderful that I simply have to start knitting them, and this is one of those!

10 days ago I received a newsletter from the editor containing a link to the most wonderful sock pattern, Skew.

The fit is perfect, the knitting fun. What’s not to like? Well, maybe the fight with my mum. She wants those socks…


This little kitty made away with small balls of wool last night!

Yarn Diet

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The Nerdy Knitter is now officially on a yarn diet. I did just buy som more Faroese Sirri wool to finish a tunic for myself…

1-ply sirritogv from

1-ply sirritogv from

Advent Calendar

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Do it yourself: Christmas Knitting Calendar.

I’m using Kauni Lace and needle size 3½mm.