I wasn’t planning on knitting yet another lace scarf but @kariebookish tweeted about her fabulous new shawl. What made me read the whole post and then realize that I too had to cast on for this lovely shawl was the lovely, lovely blue colour and the fact that she had overdyed the yarn with cake paste colouring!

Reasons why the Echo Flower Shawl is such a succes:

  • I learnt something new (nupps & 3into9)
  • The pattern is charted
  • The instructions are very well written
  • It’s pretty
  • It was a stashbuster
  • The bottom of the triangular scarf is not pointed so it gives the scarf a rounded finish

I knit very loosely
I knit the nupps extremely loosely
I substituted the garter border stitches with a 4-stitch icord. It’s prettier and it’s tighter so it gives the scarf a nice shape.

The pattern is free via Ravelry (if you’re a knitter and not a member of Ravelry do sign up now!)

Size before blocking:
Height: 48cm
Width: 78cm

Size after blocking:
Height: 78cm
Width: 112cm

I have not (yet) dyed the shawl.  Might do it, might not. The white colour is a nice contrast to all my black clothes.

Oh, and I named the scarf Echo-echo as this is actually the second attempt because I didn’t actually read all the very well written directions while knitting the first Echo and ended up with something more like a hood than a scarf.
Hoods happen…
So does unravelling.
But hey, I like knitting, so I just knitted it again!

The Santa Brigida Bee

Would you believe me when I tell you I had a lovely day in the company of 5 women speaking a language I don’t understand AND seaming, seaming, seaming? I who excell in seamless knitting?

Well I did! Thank you so much to the lovely ladies for letting me come to their Great Canarian Afghan Bee.

Bonus: links to Grafting on the needles and I Knit London.

My February Lady Sweater

Yes, it really did start with a firm intention to make my own February Lady Sweater.

Only I did want that cute edging at the top, And having knitted a lot of garter-stitch garments lately I wanted something different. I also decided against lacy holes as I might want to wear this cardigan without a t-shirt. The sleeves really had to cover my elbow but not be too loose – I don’t like catching my sleeve on door handles.

Lastly I decided that since this cardigan is knitted from the yarn formerly known as my coolest summer dress I would copy the lace edging from the dress.

Plus I crocheted the front part with the buttons.

I am very pleased with the results! I’m glad I frogged the summer dress and knit this cardigan instead.

Nerdy Knitter Relocated

I love snow and a proper winter. Even so I’ve up and moved myself, my laptop and my knittting to a warmer place on this planet. Just for a few weeks.

I work in the mornings, go out for a walk and a visit to a cafe for lunch, take a nap (Siesta – this is Spain after all!) and work a bit in the late afternoon.

Being a freelancer is quite nice these days.

Location: Playa de Arinaga, Agüimes, Gran Canaria, Spain
Home away from home: Nautilus Apartments

It’s simple and clean with only the basics for a home. The owner is very friendly, speaks only a little English. He has two large dogs and he likes people who likes the dogs!

Monday I met with the lovely Pilar to talk about knitting and plan a visit to the best wool shop in Las Palmas on Friday! Plus I’ll meet a few other Canarian knitters…

Life is good.

GarteRing Poncho

After I finished this poncho I haven’t been cold!

This poncho is an easy knit but not a quick knit as it is quite large. It is knit from the top down, on circular needles. The neck is a loose funnel neck with decorative purl stitch rings that also cover the shoulders. A couple of purl stitch rings at the bottom completes the poncho.

The pattern is for sale on Ravelry.

The beauty of Ravelry

is that it makes us all fell so darn accomplished!

I am addicted to logging into Ravelry and viewing the photos of my own beautiful projects. I savour the ‘favoured’ hearts and the comments. I love to join groups and to add more friends.

I browse the new patterns, I browse friend’s activities, dropping my little hearts everywhere. I find gems all over the place.

There is so much positiveness and I can’t have enought of that.

That is the beauty of Ravelry!

I’ve got blisters on me fingers!

Might have something to with me not doing anything but simple, repetitive tasks all weekend. One large project is finished, or rather, stage one of this last project is finished. The hood is grand, and I’m going to wear it tomorrow and then decide whether to sleeve or not to sleeve…

Knitted hooded vest in garter stitch, by Lisa Risager

I have also cast on for two new smallish projects, one of which will actually end up as a published pattern someday. Yes, we do need another coffee cozy and yes, I have promised to make a pattern, so watch this space!

Knitted and felted coffee cozy for Bodum Bistro coffee pot, made by Lisa Risager

Unintentional knitting

I love knitting in public. I love the smiles, the chats, the new friends.

A couple of days ago I was sitting at a seaside cafe, just above the beach. Sunshine and cafe con leche evolved into kalimotxu and Bitter Kas (albeit w/o vodka). My companion practised Spanish by reading a book, a paper, taking notes, consulting his dictionary. I practised my non-existing Spanish by talking about my limegreen knitting.

I was planning to knit a phone cozy/holder. Really. I ended up with a green unmentionable thingy. Totally unintentional knitting! Do you think I should knit a couple of limegreen balls?

Aaaaanyway… I’m knitting another green thingy!